The Pinery’s Rosemary trees offer a convenient and easy way to have fresh herbs for everyday cooking even if you don’t have a garden!
Rosemary Recipes
A member of the mint family, Rosemary adds a distinctively resinous flavor and savory aroma to poultry, meats, lamb, fish, potatoes, stuffing, soups, breads, marinades and summer drinks. As a garnish, sprigs also add a touch of gourmet elegance.

The edible rosemary flowers can be used in salads or on the plate to add subtle color and flair.

An excellent source of nutrition, Rosemary is high in iron, calcium and vitamin B6.

To use, clean in cool water. Then strip the leaves from the main branch by holding the tip and pulling down on the leaves in the opposite direction they are growing.

Chop the leaves before adding to a recipe or crush with pestle and mortar. Toss unused stems into your barbeque coals for extra aroma while grilling.

Put a Rosemary tree on your kitchen countertop and start cooking today!

Wreath Topiaries with simple red bows stand out on kitchen island.  Mini red berry trees complement the setting.

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