Beginning as a small "Choose and Cut" tree farm over 25 years ago, The Pinery began producing live Container Grown Trees in the early 1980's.

Nestled in the rolling hills of the beautiful San Pasqual Valley, the ideal climate for growing Living Christmas Trees, is the home of The Pinery. Located just 45 minutes north of San Diego, California, The Pinery has developed 175 acres into the largest grower of Living Christmas Trees in the country.

The craftsmen at The Pinery have been delivering quality “Living” Holiday Trees for over 30 years. Service, reliable delivery and uncompromising quality product has made The Pinery the premier grower of Living Holiday Trees!

Growing our products begins with the soil mix. Careful attention is given to a proprietary blending of the finest growing medium needed for each variety. Then selections of only the finest quality seedlings are used for planting. Each plant is grown to the exacting Pinery Standards. Over time the plant is groomed and repeatedly sheared by our dedicated craftsmen to a consistent uniform shape appropriate for the container.

Only the best of the finished product is selected for shipment. Be it packed in carton boxes, loaded on shipping racks, or delivered in truckloads you can be assured of receiving a remarkable “Living” Tree worthy of the “Grown by The Pinery” label.