Goodwin Creek Lavender

Goodwin Creek Lavender: Lavendula x ginginsii 'Goodwin Creek'

Goodwin Creek Lavender

Watering Instructions: Water thoroughly, grows well in moist well drained soil. Do not let plant sit in standing water.

Indoor Care Instructions: Place your lavender in a sunny place. Move it outdoors into the full sun if it’s not thriving.

Outdoor Care Instructions: Put your lavender in a warm sunny location with a minimum of 6 hours sunlight per day. Best to repot into a larger container or plant it in the ground.

USDA zones: 6-10

Mature Size: 2-3′

Fun Facts & Uses: Cut new growth to use in sachets to keep clothes smelling nice. Bees, butterflies and hummingbirds are attracted to the flowers.

Notes: Perennial with attractive silver/gray foliage and deep purple flowers in the late spring thru fall. Water regularly during the first growing season to establish the root system. Reduce the watering frequency after that, as lavender will tolerate some drought. Grow in containers or plant in the ground in mass or as a border plant. Prune off old flowers and gently trim foliage to shape.

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