Lemon Cypress

Lemon Cypress: Cupressus macrocarpa 'Goldcrest Wilma'

Lemon Cypress

Watering Instructions: Water thoroughly, grows well in moist well drained soil. Do not let plant sit in standing water.

Indoor Care Instructions: Place your tree in a filtered light to sunny place. Do not let it dry out. Add lights or decorations for the holidays.

Outdoor Care Instructions: Move your tree outside after the danger of freezing weather. Put it in a sunny (coastal) or filtered light location protected by strong winds. You can leave it in the pot, repot into a larger container or plant it in the ground. Lemon cypress are slow growers but you can prune as desired for shape and size.

USDA zones: 7-10

Mature Size: 10-15′

Fun Facts & Uses: The leaves have a distinct fresh lemony smell when crushed.

Notes: Pyramidal shaped conifer with light yellow-green foliage. Lemon cypress takes well to light pruning and can be pruned into different topiary shapes.

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